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While you may think of Justia as a legal information portal, the website has free, professional lawyer profiles. This is a boon, as Justia is the highest-trafficked U.S. legal website with over 10 million visits a month. When you claim a Justia lawyer profile, it will also appear on the Legal Information Institute (Cornell)’s website.


As one of the most trafficked websites in the legal industry, Avvo offers legal directory and marketing services for potential clients and lawyers. But what sets the platform apart is its lawyer reviews. A high rating on your Avvo profile heightens your credibility and helps you stand out to prospective clients.

With more than 1 million lawyer and law firm profiles, is a hub for free legal information, including articles and blogs about common legal issues. It even has a recognizable name that’s simple for clients to remember and search for. makes it easy for people to find and get in touch with the right lawyer for their needs with the search feature and lawyer reviews. lets you create a lawyer directory profile that maximizes the potential eyes on you. A professional Martindale-Hubbell profile gives your firm exposure to over 15 million visitors monthly through the site’s extensive network. This network includes,,, and other sites.

source: Clio