John Law

Affiliate Program

Earn a 25% commission for each new customer you refer and get paid for every month they are a customer.

The EstiBot affiliate program features recurring payments. That means that if you refer someone, you get paid a commission for the immediate referral and for every month they are a paying customer (with no limit). If they cancel and resubscribe, your commissions will resume (unless they resubscribed through another affiliate).

All registered customers are automatically affiliates. Our cookies last for one year. You must be a registered and active customer in order to receive a commission payment. Payments are made via PayPal or wire transfer on the first day of the month, evey month for all affiliates who earned at least $250 or have requested payout.

Program Overview

  • 25% commission on new customer registrations
  • 25% commission on reactivation of an existing account
  • 25% recurring commission for every month the referral is a paying customer
  • Customer is attached to your affiliate code upon registration and remains attached until they cancel. If the customer reactivates their account at a future time your recurring commissions resume. However, if the customer reactivates their account after following a link from another affiliate, the new affiliate becomes the active affiliate and receives future commissions.
  • Affiliate cookies last 1 year or until overwritten by another affiliate
  • You cannot be your own affiliate
  • We track hits, registrations, reactivations and cancellations

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